"Markets Now!" - Morning Publications

Forecast “Markets Now!” briefings are comprehensive morning publications, covering overnight activity, strategies for the day ahead, market psychology, daily calendars, technical charts and in-depth reports.

  • FX & Money Markets Now! for major currencies and money markets
  • Global Bond Markets Now! for major bond and money markets
  • European Credit Markets Now! for western European credit markets
  • US Markets Now! for US equity, bond and money markets
  • Emerging Markets Now! for emerging EMEA markets
  • Latam Markets Now! for Latin American markets
  • Asian Markets Now! for emerging Asian markets
  • Markets Overview Now! one page general market overview
  • Futures Overview Now! one page Futures market overview
  • Central Banks Monthly Outlook monthly insight into G24 central bank policy
  • Global Chart Trends monthly overview of technical analysis trends
  • Monthly Calendar monthly calendar of key events and economic data

White Label Solution:

Create your own morning report with your own logo, 4CAST will work with you to provide a bespoke publication to email to your clients every morning.

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